Wine Tour Chianti Classico

Chianti is more than simply a brand: we’re talking about a region which is singular for its characteristics and position, and for wines that need no introduction. It would take a lifetime to explain what “Chianti” really means, but Holiday Planners will lead you through the heart of the region in just one day. Among wine cellars, villages, castles and breathtaking views, our tour is a pleasure for the eyes, but sight is only one of the senses captivated by this experience.
Our comfortable vehicles will accompany you from your hotel to the valleys of Chianti, and you can enjoy the show along the way. First up: a private tour of a wine cellar in the area where you will obviously find the local wine as it is the main reason for our visit, but there are many other excellent local products to appreciate. In fact, you can also taste extra virgin olive oil, another Tuscan excellence, and local vinegar.
Chianti to love, Chianti to taste. We’re sure that you won’t easily forget the lunch that we’ve prepared for you on a private terrace amidst an olive grove with views of vineyards. Snap a photo because it’s worth it, but then put your phone right away. After your meal, take a beautiful walk along the lanes of Castellina, and visit the medieval village and Etruscan tombs nearby.
Another stop, another cantina to visit, the Chianti Classico Wine Tour concludes with a second tasting before heading home, accompanied by our driver to your hotel.

History of Chianti Classico

The winemaking tradition in Chianti stretches far back in time, all the way to the ages of Etruscans and Ancient Romans. The first document containing the word “Chianti” dates back to the 13th century. In this case, the reference was to the “League of Chianti”, founded in Florence, and the documentation precisely regards wine production (using principally Sangiovese grapes) and the economic advantages of this trade for producers in Castellina, Radda, and Gaiole.
In the year 1716, the history of Chianti had a crucial moment. In fact, this was the year in which the Grand Duke Cosimo III defined the borders of the area within which Chianti wine could be produced. This region is located between the provinces of Florence and Siena, and it’s the perfect area for producing excellent quality wines thanks to its climate, terroir, and altitude. 

Why choose this tour?

The Chianti experience involves all of the senses in one journey where you’ll discover not only one of the most famous and beloved wines, but also the places, history, and stories which make it a world-renowned icon. It’s a True Tuscany Experience

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