Wine Tour Prestige: Brunello & Nobile

Want to know why this is our most popular tour? OK, try to imagine a journey through one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Italy. Not enough? OK, think about the “Ideal City” of the Renaissance. Not convinced yet? Well then, add two of the most important wines in the world, and we’ll bet that now you can understand this tour is appreciated by so many people.
Choose the tour and we’ll take care of the rest. Our Tuscan-born drivers will pick you up directly at your hotel. Holiday Planners provides an English-speaking driver to meet all your needs so that you can best enjoy your tour. Travelling through the countryside becomes part of the pleasure when you can observe all the colours and harmonious shapes which have made the Val d’Orcia a widely appreciated land for tourism. Did you know that the famous scene from The Gladiator in which Russel Crowe crosses a field of wheat was filmed right in the Val d’Orcia? In Terrapile, close to Pienza, to be precise.
Framed by Oscar fame (Ridley Scott’s film isn’t the only one that’s been made around here), the stops on our tour are nothing to sneeze at. In Montalcino, a winemaker will open the doors of his cellar and show you the vineyard for a chance to discover the methods of wine production and the relationship between the territory and its people. A beautiful walk through the vines will probably make you hungry; that’s no problem, because it’s lunchtime and the flavours of Tuscany await you, exalted by Brunello di Montalcino and Rosso di Montepulciano.
After some time to relax following lunch, you’ll be accompanied to Pienza, which Pope Pius II founded as the “Ideal City”. The work was entrusted to the architect Bernardo Rossellino, who, over the course of four years, brought the city to life with harmonious forms based on the aesthetic ideals of the Renaissance. Since 1996, Pienza belongs to the World Heritage sites of UNESCO, which is another reason to lose yourself in its monuments and take advantage of a good opportunity for photography lovers. The view from Pienza offers a breathtaking panorama over the Val d’Orcia.
Following your stop in Pienza, we’ll bring you to one of the oldest wine cellars of Montepulciano for a tasting of Nobile. Enjoy this final glass before heading back home to the hotel, accompanied by your Holiday Planners driver.

Why choose this Wine Tasting Tour?

If you love good wine, you’ll taste two of the best reds of the region. If you love art, you’ll visit Pienza, a jewel of the Renaissance. If you love both, you absolutely cannot miss this occasion. 

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