Classic Tuscany: Valdorcia, amazing countryside!

Peace. Well-being. The Val d’Orcia transmits extraordinary feelings to those who are lucky enough to visit, and the reason for this magic is a blend of the beauties of the territory, historical heritage, and local products of the highest quality. If you think about the Tuscany Experience, your mind will conjure up its renowned hills adorned with cypress trees, white avenues, tiny churches, and farmhouses that seem almost lost amidst the landscape. This is the panorama of Val d’Orcia which has been immortalised by countless painters, and which still today attracts an enormous number of passionate photographers.

Val d’Orcia is the ideal area to spend a relaxing weekend or pass through as a stepping stone during a tour between Tuscany’s artistic heritage cities. The graceful lines composing panorama are a trademark of this area, but let’s not forget its art, which spans from the Renaissance to the Romanesque era. Montalcino and Pienza offer incredible examples of such cultural richness, and also include great producers from the wine and cheesemaking traditions.
Brunello di Montalcino is one of the most famous wines worldwide and is a true icon for wine lovers, but the other great DOC wines of the area should not be overshadowed. Gourmets will find many unforgettable flavours, such as Pecorino di Pienza: one of the oldest cheeses in the world available in different varieties. One must also sample Cinta Senese charcuterie, a breed of pork that was probably already raised in the Roman era, which today has a limited production and is widely praised on an international level.

Get to know this area, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004, with the help of our Tuscan-born and area-expert driver who will pick you up directly at your hotel. Convenient, right? After a visit to Montalcino, we’ll bring you to Bagno Vignoni, a little village famous for its thermal waters. In Bagno Vignoni, several scenes from Tarkovskij’s Cannes-awarded Nostalghia were filmed. The third stop of the tour is Pienza, the “Ideal City” of the Renaissance founded by Pope Pius II.
The tour includes a visit to a winery in the Montalcino area for the perfect occasion to discover winemaking methods up-close and taste the celebrated Brunello di Montalcino. You’ll savour the wine accompanied by traditional charcuterie of the area, the perfect pair to make anyone fall in love with the flavours of Tuscany.

Why choose “Classic Tuscany: Val d’Orcia, Amazing Countryside”?

Val d’Orcia is the Tuscany Experience that you’ve seen in films and paintings, and now’s the chance to really get to know it. 

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